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Vigorous IT is here, and provides football data APIs that will transform your traditional football stats-sharing platform into a new digital and modern football stats platform.

We provide multiple APIs including football data API, football stats API, and fantasy football data API. These APIs are updated and always share real-time stats. It urges our API users to claim us as the leading football data API provider.


With our modern football API solutions!!

Claim Your Football App or Site Success With Our Modern Football Data APIs

With our modern football API solutions!!

We are the best football data api provider in the whole country with 150+ happy buyers,convert your casual football app or site into a seamless, and modern football data provider app with our football API services. As a leading football API provider, we aim to revolutionize football apps for football lovers.

We think out of the box and update our APIs regularly. This will help your football app or site to stay one step ahead from your competitors.

Our claim to provide the best football API solutions is not a word-based promise. We perform to fulfill our claim through delivering more than we promise.

Game Day Coverage


SportsDataIO is able to offer more than 500 soccer leagues and cups from around the world.

International & Federation Competitions



North America/CONCACAF

South America/CONMEBOL



Domestic Leagues & Cups

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Super Cup

European Championship

UEFA Europa League

UEFA Nations League

European Championship Qualifiers

Copa America

AFC Champions League

Gulf Cup of Nations

AFC Asian Cup

Asian Games

SAFF Championship

AFC Challenge Cup

AFC Solidarity Cup


There's a myriad of content outside of a game's pre live post lifecycle that is collected. Additional league coverage includes things like:

League Standings

Team, Player & Stadium Profiles

Season Stats


Our historical database offers decades of past information to use for modeling, analytics, profile pages, and beyond. Learn more about our Historical Database content offering or Get in touch to discuss what specific data is available for each historical season.

Boost your football stats-sharing business with our Football API Services.

Boost Your Business With Our API Solutions

By using our Football API solutions, your business is going to touch the sky. Our football API services will help you to cover all the stats about the global matches of the game from match schedules to final results.

Dominate The Field

To update your audience with the real-time states of football matches, you need our football states API. It will share live scores, historical performance states, and many other states of the game. It makes our football data API one step ahead.

Something For Fantasy Football Lovers

Want to share deep insights about the game, but have no resources and time!! Do not worry. Our fantasy football data API is the solution. Using it in your app will allow your users to check player injury stats and their performance analysis. This will educate your users with deep insights of the game.

Share Insights Of The Game

With Football Data API, you can serve your audience by providing deep insights including team lineups, match schedules, and match results. Our live football data API is specifically available to share minute-by-minute states of football matches with your audience.

Help Your Developers

These APIs will make it easy for your developer to develop your app or site. This is an example of brotherhood between developers. It will also work for you by decreasing your cost on developers and saving you time by preventing you from managing multiple developing tasks.

Easy To Access Data

Feeling frustrated while searching for your data! Here is the solution. After implementing our APIs, you and your app’s visitors can find data using filters. Just after implementing a filter, your desired data will be on your screen.

Boost Your Business With Our API Solutions

Bottom Lines

To unlock the digital world of football, using our APIs will work for you. Using these APIs will allow you to promote your apps before the audience. Users get the results of their interest in the shape of football states in multiple conditions.

Let’s Check Our Football API Services

Vigorous IT Solutions served the market of football API providers for years, and now, we have multiple options for you. Thanks to our experience!! Now, you can choose your desired API from our vast API collection without wandering on multiple platforms.




Share the latest match scores with our live score API on your football app or site. This API works to share scores of matches that are happening all around the globe.


To share stats of scheduled matches, use our fixtures API. This will share data on all coming football matches with your audience.


Integrating this API with your brand will allow you to share the historical stats of the football matches. Head 2 head matches comparison is the main feature of this API.

Boost your football stats-sharing business with our Football API Services.

Claim single Football data API that shares multiple stats of the game

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Users can expand their options for online sports betting app development and make it easier for bettors with a wide range of sports to choose from such as:

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Why Choose Us?

Choosing us as a Football Data API provider will skyrocket your business in days. Our expertise shows our dedication, which leads your business to reach success heights.

Spend years in the field and serve 200+ customers.

Have API collection that provides every minor data of global football games.

Sharing APIs with discounts makes it cost-effective for you.

Providing easy-to-maintain and customizable football data APIs.

Our 24/7 customer sport works effectively to solve your bugs.

Regular updates allow our API collection to fetch new updates of the field.

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What our customer feedback

Our customer rating of 4.5 /5 averages from 1.2k Review on the Calculate


Excellent service from Vigorous IT. Always updating me on the website development and giving great pieces of advice regarding the latest trends. Their developers are full of knowledge and explain how things are gonna work and what we should be doing to make a successful product.

Parotosh Ghosh

Parotosh Ghosh

West Bengal, India


The whole team was technically knowledgeable and flexible with our means of communication. They were always available to address the queries we had. Kudos to the team for creating such a wonderful sports app for our organization.

Bhushan Gawale

Bhushan Gawale

Pune, India


As a gym owner, I needed an app that could manage my gym and keep up with my dynamic routine. Professionals of Vigorous IT Solutions not only made this possible but they exceeded my expectations. I am efficiently managing my gym activities as well as my finances. I am glad that I chose to work with them.

S S Ramchandani

S S Ramchandani

Maharashtra, India

Avoiding opportunity will cause loss for your business. So, choose an API plan and integrate it into your football app or site.

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5 Are customizable solutions available?

6 Is historical football data accessible through your APIs?

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