How To Get A Gambling License In India?

Gambling License in India keeps a complex worth and history, including the impact of religion and culture. In Indian culture, gambling has been a part of centuries. That is why gambling’s legal status changed with the passage of time. Most platforms of gambling are legal and run in different Indian states, while other regions strictly obey the Constitution of India 1950. According to the Seventh Schedule, Indian law gives permission for each Indian state to rule their law on “gambling” for its region.

A Guide to Getting a Gambling License

Getting a gambling license in India is a very difficult and long process. You need to understand what type of gambling you want to operate like a casino, betting, or online gambling platform, and also understand their legal rules and regulations and necessary procedures. 

In the following piece of content, we can explain the different types of gambling licenses available in India and how to get gambling licenses in India.

Type OF Gambling License in India

In India, there are several types of gambling licenses. You have to choose which one you can operate.

Casino License

If you want to operate a casino, it doesn’t matter if it is on land or by boat, you need permission from the state government of India and tell them the location of the casino. For this you have to follow the rules of government, like your family background, you have a stable economy and people can’t rush into gambling.

Lottery Licence

If you want to operate a lottery license, where people buy tickets from you and win the prize you need a license from the state government. In this license, you do not need to follow too many rules. This license is given through a competition or by government requirement you need to fulfill.

Online Gambling License

In Online gambling, you offer gambling games on the internet such as Bingo, poker, etc, and you require special permission. In this permit, you have to make sure people play online games that are totally safe and this game provides fair game competition. This license is given by special gambling agencies or the state government.

Betting License

In a betting license, you have to let people bet on things which include sports or horse racing. You are granted a special permit from the government. Under a betting license, you have to follow the rules of government strictly. In which you include a bunch of money to cover the bet and make sure people don’t bet too much in the gambling.

Steps to Obtain A License

The following are the typical steps to get a license in India

Research and Planning About Gambling

Before applying for a license, you have to get proper knowledge of the gambling you want, require a legal research paper, deep knowledge of legal paper requirements, fee of license and region where you offer the gambling, and how to operate it. You have also built a strong plan about your gambling and how you’re gonna propose it. Also, include the target audience and financial statement of your audience. 

Submission OF Application

When you complete your whole plan for your gambling business and collect all essential papers, submit your license application to the state government authority. Keep in mind your application has accurate information and includes all the legal supporting documents. Otherwise, your application is going to be rejected.

Background Checks

This is the most important part of getting a gambling license. The government checks your background and financial statement, how you gonna operate the gambling or not. The government also checks if you are suitable for this position or not. Do you have experience in the gambling industry or not? Make sure everything you attached with the application is legal

Regulatory Requirements

In the licensing process, ensure that your gambling work fulfills all regulatory requirements according to state and law. You have to include anti-money laundering law, your gambling has all guidelines, and also consumer protection evidence. You have to fulfill the commitment that you provide in your application. Otherwise, your license will be canceled.

Fees And Taxes

Gambling license applicants must pay the fee for the license and also pay the tax imposed by the government. Different states have different prices of taxes. Different gambling types have different taxes that are paid by the applicants.

Public Consultation

In some cases, the government tells the applicant to bring in a public consultant to proceed with the application. Where the local person gives feedback about you and gives the different objections to gambling operation.which helps you to proceed with your application quickly.

License Renewal

When your application has been approved you will get the license for your gambling and you have fulfilled all regulatory measurements keep in mind the license is valid several times. You have to renew it. Otherwise, you have to pay a huge fee or your license will be canceled for a long time.

Facility Requirements

As an owner of a gambling business, you should provide facilities to the consumer such as a place where they connect with gambling, provide security and protection for any kind of incident, and save their personal information, and gaming equipment.

States Of India Where Gambling License Is Gambling

In India, few states give permission to do gambling business. states like Skikim And Nagaland have modern laws that apply to online gaming. The Sikkim States have allowed betting online games and sports but here they need a private network that is not available in these states. Nagaland allows only skill-based games licensed and gambling is not permitted. 

Goa, Daman, and Diu are issued casino licenses to gamble in five-star hotels and also on boats at sea. They also do gambling on electronic machines or slot machines. These things are included in the state law of the government of Goa.

States Of India Where Gambling License Is Not  Available

The Public Gaming Act of 1867, has been adopted by several states of India including West Bengal, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and others states. Most of the other states of India have amendments in gambling according to their region and regulate it according to State Gaming Law. The gaming state law was made when the internet did not exist in India. 

Causes of Suspension Gambling License

A gambling license can be suspended when the owner or employee never pays the taxes and fees that are imposed by the government and agency. Following are some reasons for the suspension of the licenses.

Not Paying Tax and Fee on time:

When a gambling business company and form doesn’t pay taxes and fees, the license is suspended by the government. That’s why it’s important to pay all taxes regularly.

Breaking the law:

 If a company ignores the rules or laws related to its license like letting underage people gamble or allowing gambling in places where it’s banned.

Bad record-keeping:

Keeping accurate records and doing finances properly are important for managing a gambling business. If records are not kept properly, suspicious activity like fraud causes the action of suspension of license.

Hire a trusted sports betting app development company your gambling app that must be able to provide you an app that must maintain user’s safety.

Final Statement

Getting a gambling license in India is considered difficult. Due to the law and different state government acts, gambling is hard. Although you want to do business gambling you have to follow the rules carefully. You must have knowledge about gambling licenses which are provided by the government of India. 

Further, you must have knowledge of the constitution of India-related gambling business. You have to have proper knowledge about gambling where you can do it. To proceed with your application and get a license quickly you have to follow our guide which we mentioned above and you can get a gambling license in India easily.


Q1: How long does it take to get a gambling license in India?

A1: The time it takes to get a gambling license in India can differ based on the state and how complicated the application is. Sometimes, it might take several months to finish the process.

Q2: How much fees are required to get a gambling License in India?

A2: The cost of a gambling license is different according to your plan and which kind of gambling you want depends upon it.

Q3: Is it true that I can run a gambling business without a license?

A3: No, You can’t. It’s illegal in India, you have to face the problem of prison.  

Q4: Is there a rule in India to do specific gambling?

A4: Yes there is a specific type of gambling you can do such as casino, betting, online gaming, and lottery.

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