Understanding Sports Betting Odds And How To Read Them

Sports betting odds play a key role in unlocking the chances to gain profits for your betting on sports events. Whether you are new to the betting field or an experienced bettor, understanding the sports betting odds working mechanism will surely help you to enhance your winning chances. 

In this article, we will cover all the information about betting odds. We will also delve into the process of how you can use these odds to guess the right bets with a high winning chance. 

Sports Betting Odds Meaning

These odds are numerical numbers that represent the possible happenings of the game. To make a wager with high winning chances, using these odds is an effective strategy. These odds are the foundations of the betting working mechanism. When you understand the betting algorithm, who else can beat you?

Types Of Betting Odds With Their Meaning

Before going deeper, we will take a look at different betting odds meanings by understanding their types. 

Decimal Odds

It’s the primary version of odds and is mainly used in Australia and Europe. It is also used in other regions with different names. These odds represent the winning stakes that you will get on your wager. To make it more clear, let’s go with an example. 

If an odds represents 5.0 with it, it reveals that you will get 5.0 winning stakes, if you will win the bet. Things are clear with decimal odds.

Fractional Odds: 

This odds type is mostly used in the UK while also active on different shapes in other countries. When you see odds like 5/1 or 3/1, these are fractional odds but what do they mean?

The meaning of odd with 5/1 is, you are going win 5x than your betting amount. For example, you bet $1 but in the winning case, you will get $5 instead of just $1. 

Moneyline Odds: 

These odds are a little different from the above 2 odds types and widely used in the US. It has a different style and meaning. These odds are present with a + and – negative signs. 

To elaborate more, I will share an example. An odd with a +200 number represents that you will get $200 as a reward on your $100 bet. Against it, -150 shows that you have to minimally wager with $150 to win a bet of $100.

Knowing the types and meanings of sports betting odds was essential for you but now, we are going to uncover their working mechanism. Don’t leave the train and stay consistent to explore more. 

How Sports Betting Odds Work To Reveal A Winning Bet?

You have to follow the below process to find a suitable betting option to increase your winning chances. 

  • Understand Odds

At the start, focus on odds type because every odds type has a different meaning that directly affects the process of finding the winning wager. 

  • Calculate Hints

The next is to calculate the hints that directly lead you to approach a winning odd but if you do not know the way to calculate odds? Let’s know the process. 

The process of calculating odds

To know the winning chances with the help of decimal odds, you have to divide the odds number by one and multiply its answer by 100. This will reveal the exact percentage to win-win this wager. 

To Calculate Decimal Odd

Let’s understand it in a practical way. If the decimal odds are 2.50, you have to first divide it by 1 and then multiply with 100 (1/2.50×100). I mean the result is 40% for this odd with a 2.50 number. You can also calculate for your odd. 

To Calculate Fractional Odd

Before calculating the winning probabilities, we have to convert fractional odds into decimal points. Use this formula 1/(fractional odd+1)x 100. 

We assume the fractional odd amount as 5/1. Now, add it to the formula. 1/(5/1+1)x100. The result by solving this equation will be 16.67%. You see the results between calculations for decimal odd and fractional odd. 

To Moneyline Odd

Calculating this odd is a little complex because it can appear with a + or – sign without any predictability. 

For + Odds

This formula (odd number/ (Odd number + 100)) x 100 is the effective way to assume results for a money line odd with a + sign. According to it, add your odd number (+200) in this formula (200/(+250+1000)) x 100 and solve it. 

According to my assumed odd number (200), the result is 66.7% which reveals the high winning probability with these odds. 

For – Odds

Let’s assume a money line odd in negative form. Assume it as a -150 number and let’s proceed to a formula where you have to multiply the whole equation result by 100. Add information into this formula (100/(odd+100))x 100 and do math tricks. I did it for this formula and the result is 40%. 

Calculating these odds will give you a probability of winning your wager while it is completely impossible to predict the winning odds. This process just reveals the sufficient but your experience and expertise to calculate odds will provide you an odd with the highest winning chances. 

  • Conduct Research

Gather data on every minor aspect of the bet that will let you to make the right decision.  Information about the team’s and player’s performance, are the 2 best types of data. 

Rather data about some other factors that can affect the results of an event are also important. Player injuries, weather changes and history or Head-2-Head matches of these 2 sides are all included in these match-affecting factors.

  • Identify Value Bets: 

It’s a process where you compare your odds winning probability with actual winning probability. If your odds base probability goes lower, it will indicate to a value bet and show that you have to make changes in your selected betting odds. 

Note: A value bet is a condition where the odds become less effective in predicting an outcome. 

  • Consider Other Factors: 

You must focus on recent updates and the mental stability of the team’s players. This will effectively help you to make the right prediction. The morale of players and their one or two last performances will say it all to you.

These steps will help you to calculate the odds in an effective way to make a bet with higher winning chances. Further, we suggest you to invest smaller amounts for your bets and choose those betting apps that use effective sports betting app development services to build their apps. This will help you to sustain your security by preventing information loss. 

How Do Odds Vary Across Different Bet Types?

Understanding odds on the base of different types of bets is also necessary for you. Let’s go. 

Straight Bets

In straight bets, the process of odds is streamlined and transparent. You just need to pick a winner or the right margin to mark your victory. Here, you just need to focus on some specific factors like team and player performances because all of these odds revolve around these factors in straight bets.


This betting type offers a high amount as a reward but it also increases the chances of your loss as compared to a straight bet. To calculate the odds of this betting type, you have to multiply all of your odds with each other. Never miss a single odd from any specific section. 


In it, you have to adjust the total or spread points on your side. This bet type is all about managing these numbers totals. The high adjustment of numbers you will do, it will reduce your payout potential.  


These bets reveal their meaning through the title. These are all about upcoming events and the odds of these bets are set upon different factors including weather conditions, player injuries and betting activity.

Strategies For Minimizing Losses And Maximizing Profits

Working with strategies makes us the best players in any game even in life. So, learn strategies that will help to do your best. 

Bankroll Management:

Doing bankroll management becomes the top effective strategy for bettors. It is because this allows you to do work intellectually rather than making bets emotionally. Betting is not completely based on luck. You have to understand its working mechanism and make the bet with high winning possibilities. 

So, never do emotionless investments and manage your funds to minimize the risk of loss.


Never invest in just other sayings. If you want to win, you have to do proper research. Understanding odds meanings, bet styles and factors that can affect your bet results is all part of your research. Warren Buffet once said, 

“an investment with effective research is not a risk.” 

So, are you still thinking of denying this quote? You can but at your own risk. 


How Can I read sports betting odds?

You can read it by understanding their format which is decimal, fractional and money line.

What is implied probability in sports betting odds?

This probability reveals your winning chances after making a bet. 

Do sports betting odds vary across different bet types?

Yes, these odds vary for different betting types. Some factors work as triggers behind these changes. 

Can sports betting odds change?

Yes, many factors like player injuries and weather conditions can push us to make changes in betting odds.

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